Vision, Dedication, Success

Premier Tennis’ passion is to inspire players to reach their full potential both on and off the court, by providing a positive, high-performance environment that nurtures a player’s talents.

We encourage each player to dream big, in order to fulfill the potential every player has inside of them.

Our high-performance academy lives off the principals of vision, dedication and encouragement that provides a supporting base for the players to achieve true success.

We believe that whatever a player achieves on the tennis court is a springboard for the champion they become off the court, and we seek to encourage and foster this growth in all of our players.

Our key focuses in the academy program includes:

  • Advanced tennis tactics and strategies
  • Developing a strong professional mind-set
  • High performance footwork and fitness
  • Match-play under a competitive environment
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A Program to Suit Every High Performance Player

Our programs include both morning and afternoon academies from Monday to Friday. Our top elite program allows players to train for nearly 3 hours in the morning under the support and encouragement of our high-performance coaches.

Any player with a desire to really take their game to the next level is invited to try out the academy to see if it fits their needs. Our morning academies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday run from 6:30am to either 8:30am or 9:15am depending on the player’s needs.

Our afternoon academies on both Tuesday and Thursday are suited to younger players and run from 4:15pm-5:45pm.

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