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A Week of Breakthrough

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Our high-performance camps are focused on a week of breakthroughs in each player’s tennis game.

Our camps, run during the school holiday period, are an environment of dedication, focus and intensity that sees rapid improvements in player’s games.

The week allows the player’s to work on the full range of their game under the instruction, guidance and encouragement of our high-performance coaches.

Areas of focus include:

  • Advanced tennis tactics and strategies
  • Developing a strong professional mind-set
  • High performance footwork and fitness
  • Match-play under a competitive environment

Players come out of the camp with a renewed confidence in their game as well as a deeper understanding of how to be a more competitive player on court.

The holiday period is a great transitional period for our high-performance camp players, where momentum is carried through from the previous term’s training into the new school term, as the player’s are given time to focus on making improvements everyday of the week-long camp.

Our camps are a great opportunity to tackle the essential key of improving in tennis, that being consistency. The 5 day camp gives an element of ongoing consistency which is vital if a player is plateauing in any of their tennis game.

The camps run from 9am-3pm with a 3 day or 5 day option available.

For more information on this camp, please contact us at [email protected]

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