Hot Shots Sydney

Premier Tennis runs the nationally recognised Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program that provides an environment for young kids to learn the skills of tennis in a fun, safe and entertaining environment.

Our Hot Shots coaches are qualified professionals who have extensive experience in developing a passion and love for the game of tennis through interactive classes that focus on development drills and fun games. For information regarding Tennis Australia’s National Policies, please see this link:

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4 Easy Stages of Learning


1. Blue Stage:

Our pre-kindergarten blue stage teaches kids fundamental perceptual motor skills that guide kids in the foundational skills of movement, throwing, catching, balancing as well as the basic elements of striking the ball and scoring.

Our blue stage is a great introduction to tennis that will help develop necessary functional skills that will also benefit the children in a wide range of other sports.

2. Red Ball Stage:

The Red Ball Stage for players aged 5-8 gives children a basic focus on the shots of tennis as well as more refined foundational motor skills such as balance and movement on the tennis court.

Towards the end of the red ball stage, players will be able to rally between friends as well as perform more difficult tasks such as the serve.

3. Orange Ball Stage:

Orange ball players are generally aged between 8-10 years of age and learn the skills necessary to become a proficient rally player who can hit consistent shots over the net while playing against an opponent.

An orange ball player is also introduced to basic tactical aspects of the game, as well as understanding the consequences of their chosen shot during a match.

4. Green Ball Stage:

Green Ball players are aged from 9 years and up and learn to hit technically and tactically effective shots off both the forehand and backhand, as well as being able to hit accurate and consistent volleys and serves.

A Green Ball player begins to involve themselves in tournament play, learning how to take the skills they learn in training out into a competitive environment.

When a Green Ball player is proficient in the skills of this stage they will progress to a full-compression standard yellow ball. This involves a transition into our senior squads or academy program, where players can fine-tune their game to a high-performance level.

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